Visiting artist residencies, workshops, and adjudication

For the past 30 years as a working artist and educator in studio art, I’ve had many opportunities to demonstrate, evaluate, and recommend a host of art methodologies to many students and artisans in many venues from the classroom, and workshops, to art exhibits and art/craft fairs.

Having recently retired from full-time college instruction, alongside of my studio production, I have been doing independent workshops, artist residencies, and adjudication. I am available for more of the same and believe I have something significant to offer. Please refer to my one page bio or Curriculum Vitae for details of my experience, and portfolio/gallery for examples of studio work.

I have done workshops in painting, drawing, printmaking, and clay in high school, general adult levels, and undergraduate college level work;

 My specialties in drawing are subjects in landscape and figure drawing using graphite and oil pastel techniques. Gestural approaches to all drawing and visual thinking are my primary working and instructional methods.

I’ve done all printmaking techniques, and while personally specializing in stone lithography, one-day workshops usually entail mono-printing technique using water based crayon, oil based ink and mylar offset methods using an etching press. Traditional intaglio, and lithography instruction requires at least a week long workshop given the complexity of process.

I excel in clay work with traditional wheel and hand-building methods, with my personal interest in larger scale sculpture tile and freestanding, figurative work. One day workshops are in hand-build technique with the host monitoring drying and firing. I’ve done week long workshops in Raku, pit and low fire technique, but larger scale clay work require at least 3 weeks from conception to final glaze process.

I have evaluated, screened and adjudicated many art displays from the high school and college classroom in most media, to competitive exhibits and craft shows. I discuss my criterion for rating the success of individual pieces and recommend specific changes to improve the work and clarify the strengths of the work/technique in question, while getting consensus from the group. In openings for competitions, I prefer to also discuss my criteria and be specific why I believe some works are the strongest.

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