Artist Statement

I have been working and producing a variety of art for the past 40 years. Teaching art in a wide range of studio areas as well as courses in art appreciation and art history has expanded my historical research base, but more specifically extended my studio technique in drawing, fine art printmaking, ceramics in both functional ware and sculptural work. Trained as a commercial artist as a teenager, I worked in the graphic design and printing field for several years in the 80s, and started the graphic design emphasis at Dordt College, but have been more fulfilled in the fine art studio areas. The academic setting of college work has given me many opportunities to attend professional workshops, gain inspiration, insight, and techniques from the many visiting artists, and worked with students who also have given me insight and supported my enthusiasm and energy for art. I have incorporated many influences and experiences over the years into a wide range of studio production numbering hundreds of prints and drawings, and thousands of vessels and works in clay, and having recently retired from teaching, I plan to produce a lot of art. While I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface and embarked on a lot of shots in the dark, perhaps I’ve earned master printer and master potter status. That means little if I don’t follow through by making art that builds on my past work.

The Angel/Beast exhibit from the fall of 2013 was a result of 18 months of intensive work in clay, drawing and printmaking, and helped establish the level of work I expect to do full-time.

Jake's Brief Biography (PDF) Jake's Full Curriculum Vitae (PDF)