Very recently I came to the realization that a major and underlying theme in many of the works I’ve been making for several decades have been investigating the mystery of angelic presence, abstract images that are reminiscent of a struggle between heaven and earth, devils and angels, and reflections of mortality, death and the afterlife. While I specifically wanted to investigate these themes in specific works over time, sometimes within a landscape context, and recently in response to biblical passages of visionary accounts with sculptural work; but as I reflect on a collective overview of my work there are more than 35 works in my personal archives in a variety of media that address the above concepts. This group of work is a variety of art that provides unique insight into artistic process, spiritual contemplation, and visionary imagery.  An Exhibit of this work is set to be displayed at Northwestern College, Orange City, IA during the month of November, 2018. There will be 42 works in this exhibit in Clay Sculpture, Lithographic and Intaglio prints, Oil Pastel drawings, and Oil Paintings. See the News Release for show specifics and a power point featuring the content, themes and art chronology of Apocalyptic Vision. You can also see the actual gallery views on the attached ppt; gallery views.  A recent post on Submission, an award winning clay sculpture is also on this site to view for more background and information on the piece.