Jake Van Wyk is having his annual art show and sale at the Fruited Plain in Sioux Center on November 19, 20, and 21. The Fruited Plain’s multi-use space will have Jake’s work on display and he will be on hand to answer questions about his ceramic work, fine art prints, and new oil paintings. There will be nearly 100 new ceramic pieces ranging from functional ware in bowl sets, individual bowls, plates, vases, coffee mugs, and floor vessels; all in various glazes and patinas, including marble ware pieces in porcelain. The fine art prints on display include single and multi-color lithographs from stone, and etchings from zinc and copper plates. Several small etchings were made in Dordt’s printmaking classes as demonstrations over the years that were proofed only; now they are available in limited editions printed on rag papers.
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There will be 8 new oil paintings on display; mostly landscapes and some were painted on-site at Oak Grove State park near Hawarden. They feature bright color palettes and were painted in a Plein Aire technique, which is a gestural style of working quickly and capturing the momentary essence of the scene.
Check the site for On-line sales; an additional 70 ceramic works are shown as well as the prints and paintings mentioned above.